Valuing questions – A Response to the Times 01/08/06


Your editorial A Question of Values (The Times, August 1), raises important questions in response to the crisis in the Middle East:

Is the level of violence proportionate? No. Israel launched its action in response to what was clearly a military incident. After three weeks of fighting, around 750 people – mainly civilians – have been killed by Israeli action. At present, 51 Israelis – including at least 18 civilians – have been killed by Hezbollah.

Is the action well targeted? Not very well, given that innocent people are still being killed.

Is it effective? That remains to be seen

In the light of this, we need to be cautious about asserting Israel as the model of democracy in the region.  Violence, whoever the perpetrator, only results in heartache, pain and destruction; and it breeds more violence.

I agree that this is more than a “spat across the Israel-Lebanon border”. However, a passionate response is not necessarily driven by emotion alone. When the bomb explodes and a child dies, whether he is Israeli or Lebanese, the colour of his blood is the same.

As the leader of a Christian movement in the UK, I know there are many other Christians in the UK and US who are struggling with what they are watching, and are praying that the innocent will be protected.

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