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More Niteblessings

More #Niteblessings – £9:99

This follow-up to my #Niteblessings invites you to encounter God at the end of the day. Each blessing draws you closer into His presence, releasing you from the pressures of the day into engagement with the Holy Spirit. Simple yet profound and moving, I pray that each of the blessings will renew and encourage you in your walk with God.

#Niteblessings – £7:50

For some time now, I have been writing a simple blessing each day. I share it with those who are connected to me on social media. My friends, family and those who journey with me through these avenues have often commented that they would like to see them in a little book that you could carry with you on holiday, or leave by your bedside. I pray they will be used by God to bless you, to bless others and to somehow, in a small way, build confidence in Almighty God. You can dip into them or use them on a daily basis. Whatever works for you. Whether you are already a follower of Jesus, or you are just exploring Who He is and what He does, I pray these little blessings will help you.

Risktakers – £8.99

The early church tried, failed and tried again. They did not know what was coming next – but they learned to depend on the Spirit, who was always one step ahead. The unpredictable Spirit invites us to an adventure of faith. The road is not straight, but the compass is sure. Malcolm calls Christians to become risk takers, not shackled to legacy, willing to do the right rather than the easy thing. This is the only way that the world will be changed.

Kingdom Come – £8.99

When we pray ”Your Kingdom Come”, what do we mean? Local neighbourhoods everywhere are affected by global changes, including the death of a single religious vision, shifting work and family patterns, and widespread skepticism. Violence and tension are rising. There is a way forward. Churches are taking a lead in community cohesion and transformation. If we are faithful, the future is full of hope. Duncan outlines a ‘Kingdom approach’ affecting every area of community life. From housing to healthcare, from citizenship to crime prevention, ordinary Christians and local churches have a vital role to play. This is a manifesto for social transformation, peppered with examples from across the Western world.

Building a better world – £8.99

This work addresses the issue: How faith makes a difference in life and to society and can contribute to changing the world for the better. It is often assumed that social action and religious faith are unrelated. Those with a passion for justice do not always see a place for faith, and those with religious conviction do not always see how it can impact society. Malcolm Duncan demonstrates the vital connection between the two and highlights what this can mean to both individuals and communities in the effort to ‘make poverty history’. This book is for all who are concerned to make a difference in society. It invites those of faith and those of none into a conversation, a journey, looking at how the world can be made a better place. Eminently practical, it goes to the heart of the radical Christianity which is Jesus’ legacy.

Fleeting Shadows – £4.99

Join Malcolm Duncan this Lent, as he draws from his own personal life and experiences to help us reflect on the Cross and the power of Christ in our own lives as we walk through the trials and tribulations of life. These practical and personal six studies explore key issues surrounding the period of Lent using the much loved, tried and tested Cover to Cover format. Ideal for both group and individual use and includes discussion starters and icebreakers

40 Days with Jesus (French edition Available) – £8.99

This little book introduces the reader to some aspects of the character and the life of Jesus Christ. Malcolm has tried to keep his thoughts simple, straightforward and devotional in nature. He wants to try and warm the reader’s heart, praying that the Holy Spirit will stimulate reflection on the life and truth of Jesus Christ. My hope is that as you read, you’ll discover for the first time, or you will remember, just how central Jesus is to Christianity. You would be surprised how many people have forgotten that to be a Christian is to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Jesus didn’t come to establish a religion, he came to change lives and to deal with the barriers that exist between God and us. He came to save the world. Unfortunately, we Christians are very good at boxing him in. He doesn’t like boxes – they feel a little too like tombs and Jesus has a tendency to refuse to stay in those.” A short prayer accompanies each section.

Unbelievable – £8.99

Christians face a tough task. In a world without consensus, all truth claims are regarded dubiously. The Gospel does not change, but what aspects should be highlighted in our rapidly changing culture? How do we speak ‘into’ the culture, instead of just mirroring that culture? Malcolm Duncan constructs his case around the core statements of the Apostles’ Creed. If we believe in as God as Creator, what does that mean about our treatment of His creation? If we accept Christ as Saviour and Lord, in what sense are we rescued, redeemed, remade? If we accept the Holy Spirit as Guide, where are we going and what are we here for? We face an unbelievable task: playing our part in the world’s regeneration. But God has confidence in us. If we can be confident of what He has done for us, then we can also be confident of what He wants to do through us.

One For All (Foundations) – £8.99

500 years after Martin Luther’s objections, the Church is threatened with division. With fundamentalists and liberals pulling at either end of the scale, have we forgotten everything that binds us together? Are we focusing too much on the things that could pull us apart? In 2017 Spring Harvest celebrates the theme of unity. Instead of fracturing over secondary issues, we have an opportunity to celebrate a God-given unity centered on mission and the primary truths of faith. We have an opportunity to be One for All.

One For All (Implications) – £8.99

In One for All: The Implications Malcolm Duncan brings a prophetic call to the Church to be truly one body, and to work towards unity. In this volume, Malcolm faces up to the challenges and explores principles for being a united Church. Instead of fracturing over secondary issues, Malcolm is passionate that the global Church should celebrate our God-given unity, centered on mission and the primary truths of faith. His call: Let’s learn how to be One for All. Building on the theology explored in his previous volume, One for All: The Foundations, here Malcolm offers the Church a solid grounding in how to apply this.

Other books or books contributed to

Micah’s Challenge – £8.99

He has shown you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God (Micah 6:8). This is Micah’s challenge to Israel in his day and to the Church in our day. God called them and us to act with justice, mercy, and humility in our dealings with the poor. This book pulls together prophetic voices from Jim Wallis to Tony Campolo and from Ronald Sider to René Padilla and Joel Edwards to explore the theological, ethical and practical dimensions of Micah’s challenge. The heart of the book is an exploration of acting justly, walking humbly, and loving mercy. That call is set within a broader biblical and theological framework and followed by reflections on how we might live it out today. Micah’s Challenge offers a passionate, biblical, and challenging call to think afresh and to act redemptively as individuals and as Christian communities.

Spring Harvest 2014 Theme Guide: Your Daily Guide to Exploring Unbelievable – £4.99

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