Building a Better World

My first book, Building a Better World, has just been published, and I have been really excited to see the finished copies.  I wrote the book to invite those who long for a fairer world to reflect on whether their commitment to justice and transformation in society could be strengthened by Christian Spirituality.  The book is written as a conversation, and encourages a debate around the role that Christian faith plays in transforming society.  It is written for anyone who is motivate to do something to build a better world – whether of faith, or having no personal faith. 

You can buy your copy of Building a Better World online at the Faithworks website, or at most national bookstores.  You might want to consider buying a copy as a gift for a friend who might like to explore a positive Christian spirituality.  To engage with some of the topics and issues that I raise, please join the debate on my Building A Better World Blog.

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