Operation Silence!

Hi everyone,

Been a while since I used this blog – but hopefully it is now up and running again properly! Anyway, the first blog for a while and it is about me!! I have to have an operation on the 4th November to remove some growths that have been found on my vocal chords. Not great news when you are a preacher – but there you go. I actually have a real peace about it all, but would certainly appreciate your prayers and thoughts for the next eight weeks or so. Unusually for me – there will be lots of quietness during the day and the chance to catch up on lots of things that need to get done.

I have decided to use the time to pray for the folk in my church every day, to crack on with some writing I want to do and to listen closely to God for His instruction about the next stage of my own life and ministry for Him.

So if you had a forced silence – what would you do with it? Any recommendations for me? Fancy a silent conversation via the blog? Let me know


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