Encircling Prayer

HI Everyone,

Continuing to improve today – and managed a few more words, with my voice getting stronger. This morning, I listened through the wall of our house to the service taking place in the chapel next door and stood and wept at 11am for all those who were remembering their loved ones and those affected by conflict. I always find Remembrance Sunday a moving and emotional day and I am sure it is at least in part because I come from a country torn by conflict. I think it is also because I have two brothers who have, or do, serve in the armed forces – and I love them both very much.

Spent the rest of the morning practising Caim Prayer for you all – also know as ‘encircling prayer’. It’s a celtic form of prayer in which you make the shape of a circle as you pray for either yourself or others – here is the one I used for each of you:

Celtic Steps

A Caim Prayer

May the Mighty Three your protection be – encircling you, guarding you, holding you and nurturing you. Thank You, Lord that You are around each life, each home – encircling each one. O Sacred Three, Mighty Three, hold Your people in the hollow of Your hand. Surround their going out and their coming in. Whsiper Your name to them in the breeze of the morning and remind them of Your love in the light of dusk. As the day falls away, let the light of Your grace and strength flood their hearts. May they rest in the arms of Your Spirit, knowing the assurance of Your protection and the power of Your word spoken over them and living in them. As Your people step into another week, may they be reminded of You in the small things they encounter. The smile of a child, the rustling of a tree of the chatter of friends. Thank You that our lives are lived out before You in their completeness. As Your people step into the main parts of their week, may they be reminded of Your unending promise to hold them, guard them and guide them. Fill their hearts with hope, their minds with possibilities and their wills with a new and strong resolve to put You first in all things. Encircle Your people with Your power, encircle Your people with Your grace and encircle them with the confidence that You have never left them.


May whatever you are facing today become a ‘thin place’ – and may you like Jacob, be given the opportunity to meet with God in a new way but in a familiar place. May you be able to say, like him, ‘Surely the Lord was in this place and I did not know it’ – and may your limp remind you of His grace – now and always


  1. I am so pleased that you are making progress in your recovery Malcolm. May the Lord continue to bless and strengthen you over the coming weeks and months.


  2. I am thrilled to bits to hear of your excellent recovery from such a nasty op. Your jaw area in particular must feel like you have had about ten rounds with Mike Tyson. Aaaah we Celts are made of tough stuff! And with God with us, there is no holding us back; we can run in His will!
    Love the prayer; just takes you to a different place.
    It is such a blessing at this time to be able to have an insight into your thoughts.
    Love and hugs to you, Debbie and kids xxxx


  3. Dear Malcolm
    So glad you are improving and managing some words – it must be hard not being able to speak. Thank you for the Caim prayers – it sounds fascinating and very moving. Will continue to pray for yours and Debbie’s complete recovery. love to you all Biddy


  4. Thank you all for your thoughts and comments – God bless you. Caim prayers are always very helpful to me when praying for others. They tend to remind me of cairns in the Scottish Hills – mounds of stone that remind you where you have been so you can find your way home when things are confused and vision is weak.


  5. Hello everyone …
    Excellent blog … I love your blog … every day we thank God for making this wonderful world we live in and give us the ability to feel love for others and we also have to see to the love of God comes first in our hearts every day so be stronger …
    Thanks a lot
    Coral T. Rose


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