Been to the doctor

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update. Been to see the consultant this morning. All seems okay. The operation scar is healing very well – with minimal thickening in the area around the site of the operation on the vocal chords. I have to see them again in around eight weeks because they need to keep an eye on my voice and on the vocal chords themselves – and are doing some additional tests on the material they removed – but all seems to be well and there is nothing to panic or worry about at the moment. I will also need quite a bit of speech therapy – and they are telling me to be VERY careful in the use of my voice. Overall, positive news though – and a real answer to prayer.

I can speak quite well with limited volume and strength now – and am permitted to do some speaking but not a lot. So as long as I am well amplified, avoid getting too excited (!) and promise not to either whisper or raise my voice (both are equally bad!!!) I will be able to do some chairing of meetings, and a little teaching and preaching between now and the end of the year. I am also on track to honour my preaching engagements from January 1st onward – but I do need to be very careful not to strain or overuse my voice (!)

Apparently speech therapists are one of the most pressured resources in the NHS at the moment and therefore the wait to see one is severe. My case is marked as urgent and yet still means a wait of around two – three months. In the meantime I am released to speak – but very carefully and avoiding strain and overuse.

Thank you

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. As I continue down this road, I rejoice in the wonderful, wonderful grace of God and love of His people. Couldn’t have made the journey without you all – you are a blessing.

Blog entries.

Loads of you have encouraged me to continue to use the blog and update it – so I have a bit of a suggestion for you about an online community for prayer, reflection and discipleship. I’d post something for discussion, prayer and reflection once a week, with a daily encouragement, devotion or reflection to fit the theme – then we’d relfect, share, discuss, pray and hopefully grow – would you be interested? Let me know…


  1. Hi Malcolm – we are so thankful and pleased to hear this great news!!! – We still pray for a 100% recovery – God Bless MvZ


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