Spiritual Myopia

Poem from Elim Bible Week Ireland this morning (18th June, 2012)
We need healing, Lord!
Our spiritual myopia
Is eroding our vision
of a bigger plan.
So the inevitable
Of our church Utopia
With the limited
scope it has
Is making us
more comfortable
than we should be.
Our ground is getting
So we get a bigger crowd
but on a smaller space
And we make the music loud
enough to drown out the cries
of the broken
and the poor.
Bigger congregations
won’t answer segregation.
Locking ourselves in prayer
won’t show that we care.
Enjoying when we meet
won’t change the street.
Becoming more respectable
won’t change the spectacle
Of communities that need
Hope infused
Sin refused
Tension defused
Satan confused
Saints enthused
We need healing, Lord.
New eyes to see
New ears to hear
That You are here!
Faith to believe that You win.
Courage to push the envelope
Until You envelop
And turn the world
Right way up.
We don’t need bigger buildings
We need bigger hearts.
We don’t need to increase our capacity for seats,
We need to increase our capacity to love.
We don’t need more blessing
We need to be blessing more.
We don’t need more grace,
We need to be more gracious.
We don’t need more of God,
God needs more of us.
There isn’t an answer around the corner
We are the answers hiding in a corner.
God doesn’t need to fit into our plans
We need to fit into God’s
And His plan is change from the inside out.
Hope from the foetus of faith
To the adulthood of the Kingdom
Courage that pushes us out
Birthing pangs that scream a declaration
Through the heavenlies
God won in the Jerusalem dirt
When Christ was planted
Like a seed in the ground
Beside Golgotha’s mound
And three days later
The Seed pushed through the earth…
The plant has been growing ever since
And we are now It’s seed
Called to germinate
To propagate
To profligate
The Gospel.
God wins.
(c) Malcolm J Duncan


  1. Who is the `first mover’- God or us, when it comes to ministry?
    Clearly the Word of God gives general directions for ministry, but it seems we can only act effectively `in the particular’ when “it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.”
    Hearing from God as to ministry, or launching out in some Biblically recommended ministry and seeing if God blesses the work, are the apparent options, – Any opinions on these thoughts?


  2. This blows me away, Malcolm. Especially the intolerance and misinterpretation of our conservative moralist views and voice. I live and work in Birmingham. To think the values of the kingdom are being defended in such an articulate and relevant way, right in the heart of this city, fills me with joy.


  3. Hay varios puestos en existencia cerca de esto, creo que hay referencia podría tomar experiencia adquirida como este lugar o un artículo muy informativo. Expresión objetivo práctico este post es de mala calidad. Simplemente puedo pronunciar el hecho de que información proporcionada aquí es única, sólo para que sea realmente más cerca de completo, apoyando con información ex conseguirá sido realmente bueno. Los puntos que he tocado figuran en esta lista son de vital importancia, por lo que me permitía avistar muchas de las informaciones aquí para construir esta gran realidad para el principiante completo está aquí. Muchas gracias por esta información. Realmente útil!


  4. En primer lugar quiero decir que el blog genial! Tengo una pregunta rápida que me gustaría preguntarle si no le importa. Yo estaba interesado en saber cómo te centras y aclarar sus pensamientos antes de escribir. He tenido un tiempo difícil despejar mi mente en conseguir mis ideas. Yo realmente disfruto escribiendo sin embargo, sólo parece que los primeros 10 a 15 minutos, generalmente se desperdicia tratando de averiguar por dónde empezar. Cualquier idea o sugerencias? ¡Gracias!


  5. Hey there! ¿Sabes si hacen algún complemento para protegerse de los hackers? Yo estoy un poco paranoico de perder todo lo que he trabajado duro. ¿Algún consejo? Hola! ¿Sabes si hacen algún complemento para protegerse de los hackers? Yo estoy un poco paranoico de perder todo lo que he trabajado duro. ¿Algún consejo?


  6. This makes us from, Malcolm. Especially the intolerance and misunderstanding of our conservative moralist views and opinions. I live and work in Birmingham. Think values kingdoms are for such a clear and relevant way, in the heart of the city, let me is full of joy.


  7. ‘Profligate’ is not a verb, as far as I understand. Either something is profligate (adj) or someone can be a profligate (n). In any case, how can temerity and foolhardyness be good for preaching the Gospel?


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