Just got this from my 18 year old son – makes you think. Proud to be his dad.


For the broken girl sitting at the orphanage table,

Dampened dreams caused by those who say she isn’t able.

For the Banker, the bonus larger than the moon,

Inherited wealth born mouth full already with a silver spoon.

For the degenerate, known as scum, hooked on cocaine,

Used to the coldness of government, forgotten in the rain.

For the MP whose true side has been bought to fruition,

Expenses, no reform and “no we won’t raise the cost of tuition.

For the homeless selling Big Issue, no money no sound of the change rattle,

It’s ironic that in a meltdown he’s the issue we should tackle.

For the posh kid, the one with the private education,

I don’t need to work, my parents will pay and that’s his expectation.

For the young unemployed whose housing benefits are cut.

It’s a never ending cycle, he worthless and left in a rut.

For the wealthy business man who avoids tax from abroad,

“I love this country!” while he undermines us with fraud.

For the pensioner growing cold from the increased cost of gas,

It’s all privatised, not our problem see our thinking is rash.

Cameron’s Britain, hitting the poor and helping the rich,

It’s a country that’s drowning and there’s a compassion sized ditch.


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