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On Saturday 15th September I had the privilege of speaking at the induction of Rev Vicky and Rev Barry Thompson. They are an amazing couple willing to follow the call of God wherever it might take them. They have taken on the leadership of Darlington Baptist Church, a new church formed from two congregations taking the bold step of merging to increase their effectiveness in reaching Darlington and the wider communities.

You can hear my induction sermon here – I pray it blesses, encourages and inspires you. If you are a pastor, may this remind you of the wonderful call and priorities for your life and ministry. If you are a part of a wider congregation, may it remind you of the joy of serving and living together.

May God richly bless you – the comment on music in the middle of the message is about a mobile phone that went off during the sermon!

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  1. Dear Revd Duncan, thank you for the powerful preaching at Pentecost Praise in Luton on Sunday. In your preaching you made reference to ‘stepping away from a vampire Christianity’. Please can you signpost me to wear I can understand what it means. Secondly you made reference to a lady who would pray and the building shook. What is her name and is there a book that you can refer me to read about her. Once again thank you so much for the fire filled Word.
    God richly bless you.


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