A Prayer for Now #AdventReflectionMJD 10


I cannot come to You as someone else, I can only come as myself.

I bring my longings and my regrets.

I bring my achievements and my failures.

I bring my pain and my joy.

I bring my questions and my core beliefs – both good and bad.

In this space between what once was and what will be, help me to live in the gift of now.

Help me to embrace this present with hopefulness and possibility.

Help me to notice You in the ordinary moments of my life.

Help me not to be so caught up with tomorrow that I miss the gift of today, but help me also to be drawn into the unshakable promises of what You have purposed.

Thank You that You see me as I am, and that I do not need to impress you.

Thank You that I do not have to earn Your love; that there is nothing about me or my life that You do not already know.

I am grateful that You came to me in Christ and that You will come again when He returns; but thank You that You are always coming to me, with every breath by Your Spirit. I am grateful that You have not left. You never will.

Help me live in the gift of now.

You are here, in the daily responsibilities of my ordinary life.

You redeem ‘ordinary time’ and give it spectacular beauty.

Forgive me when I do not notice You.

Give me eyes that see the world as You have made it, full of beauty and goodness. Forgive me for the ways in which I miss Your coming.

Today, help me to catch sight of You in the light of the morning and in the fading shadows of the day.

Help me to be reminded of Your quiet presence by a robin pecking in the garden, or a child’s smile as I pass them on the way.

Help me to see Your tenderness in the care of a nurse, or the touch of a loved one.

Help me to remember your Life, even in the face of death.

Lord, give me gifts of faith, hope and love; not just for today but for each moment.

I cannot store time, and I cannot store faith; so help me to live in faith and in time by being fully present to my life and fully present to You.


(C) Malcolm J. Duncan (Advent 2019)

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