Born a King #AdventReflectionMJD 12

Jesus did not become a king. He was born one. Matthew 2:2 makes this clear. Most rulers are born princesses or princes and become queens or kings. Jesus was born a King.

This is a remarkable thing. This child, who would learn to walk as we must learn to walk, was already the Great King. He would learn to speak, but He was already the Word. He would be subject to human life, yet He is the Author of Life. He hals always been a king; no – more than that, He has always been the King.

Matthew announces this in his birth narrative. This King has come amongst us. The Magi travel to see the toddler Jesus, and are clear about the One they seek – they have come to see the one who is born King of the Jews. Jump to the end of the earthly life of Jesus. Amidst the darkness and the despair of Jerusalem, Pilate commands that a sign be placed above Jesus as He is crucified. Matthew 27:37 tells us what it says – King of the Jews. It is written in language that the world of the day can see. He was King before His birth, and He continues to be King after His death. He is the King that will never be deposed. He will never be voted out of office. He will never be replaced.


As the UK makes seismic decisions about our future, we remember, this Advent, the King Who will always rule, the King Who will never be replaced. We are subjects of the King of Kings. His reign, in the end, is the only one that will bring everlasting peace and joy.

(c) Malcolm J, Duncan (Advent 2019)

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