Back to the local church

This weekend I am being inducted as the Pastor of Mortimer West End Chapel, a small semi-rural church situated between Reading and Basingstoke.

Having been active in local church leadership for 15 years, I’m excited about taking on this role.  As Leader of the Faithworks Movement I work with church leaders on a day-to-day basis, so I’m passionate about being able to grapple with the same issues and challenges that many of them face.

I believe strongly in the power of a local Christian community as being transforming, including, healing and loving.  I’m looking forward to serving the people of the area, and to discovering ways of developing a community of Christ’s followers who are committed to serving others and loving those around them.

I will, of course, continue as Leader of the Faithworks Movement, but I hope this additional role will help me bring new insights to my team’s work, as we seek to resource and support local churches and groups across the UK.

I would value your prayers for me and my family at this exciting and challenging time.


  1. Malcolm
    I do think it’s really refreshing to hear of such as yourself, heading up a large organisation like faithworks, seeing just how crucial it is to be still involved in leadership in the local Church. It’s especially good to hear that the church you are about to serve is not a massive mega-church, but sounds more like the more modest-sized ones that many of us out here are involved in leading!
    I must confess, there are times when I read the works of ‘high profile’ Christian leaders when I think to myself, “It sounds like they’ve been doing much more writing of books than leading of churches recently!” So, while I guess it’ll be pretty difficult to balance those two (among the many other) roles you have, I’m convinced that it can only be good for you to be back with a both feet firmly in the local church context.
    Thanks for your inspirational input at the conference in Hull yesterday – you’ll recall we chatted briefly just before lunch, and I committed myself to pray for you then.
    So, be assured of those prayers, for the things you asked me to pray for specifically yesterday, and for you as you begin your new role as Pastor of Mortimer West End Chapel.
    Paul Deo


  2. Malcolm
    VERY best wishes in your additional position.
    We pray that through all the stimulus & challenge of many different demands on your time, you & your whole family will know increasing joy, confidence and assurance in your vital part in Father’s purpose in these days!
    Be blessed!!
    Brian & Pam


  3. Thank you all for your comments and support. The Chapel is a an exciting and challenging place to be and God is with us as we seek to be authentic Christian community together. Just finishing a little series on the facets of a faithful church which has been challenging and encouraging


  4. Hi! Malcolm.
    Congratulations on the new appointment. If I hadn’t bumped into Shirley and David today, I would never have known where you were! How are my favourite children? I hope you and Debbie are well. Look us up sometime! (
    Am off to Majorca tomorrow for a week, first time in our 30 years of wedded bliss it will just be the two of us!! since our honeymoon.
    All the very best, your new flock are sooooo lucky to have you, I looked on the website and it looks gorgeous!
    Love and very best wishes from
    Anna and Charlie Kenward.


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