A cause for celebration: Faithworks Awards!

At Faithworks we’re often approached for advice on funding applications for projects.  We do what we can to help people, but at last it’s that time of year again – applications for our own awards programme are now being accepted!

This year we have a total pot of £20,000 to give away to four Christian projects that are effectively serving the needs of their local communities.

The awards are:
– The Improving the Lives of Children and Young People Award, sponsored by Spurgeons
– The Community Inclusion Award, sponsored by Oasis UK
– The Community Excellence Award, sponsored by Congregational and General Insurance
– The Faithworks Members Awards for Community Commitment, contributed to by members of the Faithworks Movement

For the first time this year you can also nominate people for the Faithworks Lifetime Achievement Award – do you know someone who has made a huge difference to the lives of others?  If so, this could be an ideal opportunity to get their dedication recognised.

As well as being a valuable funding opportunity, the Faithworks Awards also celebrate the contribution that Christians and churches are making to our communities across the UK.  I am consistently moved when I read your applications and hear your stories, and the awards are a great opportunity to remind the world that Christian faith works!  I look forward to receiving and reading your applications and beginning the stringent process of finalising our shortlists later this year.  For more information – click here.

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